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Welcome to the home page of District 20 (D20) of the
American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), a national organization of duplicate bridge players. D20 has Units in Northern California, Hawaii, Southwest Idaho, Oregon, and Southwest Washington. Our members compete in bridge tournaments and duplicate bridge clubs throughout the region and the world.
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District 20 North American Pairs Finals!
Flights A & C: Saturday, October 8, 2016     List of participants
Flight A Results 1st in A
Rich Carle - Mark Bennett
First in Flight A
2nd in A
Linda Redman - Jean Johansson
Second in Flight A
Also invited to the National Finals:
Hal Montgomery
Jeff Taylor

Third in Flight A
Flight C Results 1st in C
Phyllis Sutter - Janice Smith
First in Flight C
2nd in C
Beverly Fraser - Greg Wilson
Second in Flight C
Also invited to the National Finals:
Benjamin Levy
Beverly Walker

Third in Flight C
Kevin Marnell
Angel Almanza

Fourth in Flight C
Flight B: Sunday, October 9, 2016     List of participants
Flight B Results 1st in A
Amy Casanova - Paul Wrigley
First in Flight B
2nd in C
Mark Rowe - Eileen Boal
Second in Flight B
Also invited to the National Finals:
Katie Fagan
Thomas Fagan

Third in Flight B
Ray Robert
Rick Prouser

Fourth in Flight B

Barbara Seagram

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The 2016 Oregon Coast Regional is complete!
Seaside 2016 bulletins results gallery
results Come back next year:
October 2 - 8, 2017!

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