ACBL District 20
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GNT Club Qualifying:
September thru February

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ACBL GNT Conditions of Contest D20 GNT Conditions of Contest
2 0 1 4   D i s t r i c t   F i n a l s
Registration is now closed but late entries may be accepted; contact R. Carle
Watch the competition on BBO - the teams are listed on this link: Team Roster
Championship Flight
Unlimited MP's
Mid-chart agreements
  Friday evening May 2, 2014 (if necessary *)
  Saturday/Sunday May 3/4, 2014
  3-session qualifying, 1-day KO Final
Flight A
under 6000 MP's
  Saturday/Sunday May 10/11, 2014
  2-session Swiss qualifier, 1-day final KO (if necessary *)
Flight B
under 2500 MP's
  Sunday May 4, 2014
  Two session Swiss or Round Robin format
Flight C
NLM (< 500 MP's)
  Saturday May 10, 2014
  Two session Swiss or Round Robin format
The competition will be held on-line with BBO.
Contestants must provide their own laptop or tablet.
(* format depends on number of teams participating)
1st morning sessions start at 11:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 2nd sessions TBA
The District Finals pay gold points for the overalls and red points for section places.
Entry fees are $48 per team per session ($44 in Flight C).
D20 subsidizes winning teams in each of the four flights $2000 to help with travel expenses.
G N T   N a t i o n a l   F i n a l s
July 17 - 27, 2014
Summer NABC's
Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
2013 results