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Pre-registration is required by
April 21: Championship and Flight B
April 30: Flights A & C
R e g i s t r a t i o n   F o r m

City State Location Address Contact/Email Phone

BendORTo comeChip Cleveland(541) 389-1102
BoiseIDTo comeIan Martindale(208) 345-331
EugeneORTo comeSherri Morgan(541) 868-5649
HonoluluHITo comeArun Savara(808) 373-8883
Lake OswegoORAce of Clubs11830 SW Kerr Parkway
Suite 390, Lake Oswego
Flo Savage(503) 646-1465
MedfordORDan Voorhies Centre
4149 S. Pacific Highway
Phoenix, Oregon
Leah McKechnie(541) 776-1060
PortlandORPortland Bridge Club8383 NE Sandy Blvd.
Suite 300, Portland
David Brower(503) 252-1318
ReddingCATo comeBud Hamilton(530) 223-9233
VancouverWAVancouver Bridge Club6503H E. Mill Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA
Rich Carle(360) 425-0981

* N O T E S
Venues listed are from previous years and may not be current.
More venues may be added if participation warrants. Club owners/managers are encouraged to host this online event.
Contact Hal Montgomery at (503) 583-3717 or dewitt@imaginata.com (GNT Coordinator) to apply.
Each venue must have high-speed internet access, preferably with wireless capability.
A non-playing monitor (NOT a director) must be present at all times to oversee the contest and resolve problems should they arise.
Monitors may receive up to two free plays per session worked depending on attendance.
Reasonable rent will be paid for bridge club or commercial space if approved in advance.
Expenses necessary for online service, such as a wireless router, may be reimbursed if prior approval is obtained from D20.