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"2012 Rogue Valley Regional"
Medford, OR

Next Up - The Oregon Coast Regional
Convention Center, Seaside, OR     ---     For information   

Incorporated February 17, 1899, Seaside has historically been one of the Oregon Coast most visited and popular oceanfront resorts located only 80 miles from Portland. Seaside is a beautiful coastal community with a population of 6,445 and has numerous visitor related activities to choose from. We are very proud of our City and hope this website conveys a sense of what Seaside is like while helping you find the information you need. If you are interested in employment opportunities with the City of Seaside, visit Seaside Employment Opportunites. The City of Seaside Newsletter can be located by visiting the City Meeting Calendar. The City of Seaside has a new facebook and twitter account which can be located by visiting the following address's: City of Seaside Facebook and City of Seaside Twitter.

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A great course for bridge teachers is coming to the Seaside Regional September 2012.

Click on the flier at right for details.

S E E   Y O U   T H E R E !

Eugene Speaker Handouts

For your convenience we have attached copies of notes from our speakers at the August 2011 Emerald Empire Regional held in Eugene, OR.

Beyond 4NT – Isolde Knaap

Defensive Carding – McKenzie Myers

Eight Ever – 9 Maybe – Mary Alice Seville

How Cards Split – Dick Morris

New Minor Forcing – Don Marsh

Roman Keycard Blackwood – from Isolde Knaap’s blog

Take-out Double – Judy Davidson

Visualization on Defense:
Getting the Tricks you Deserve

- Irva Kay Neyhart

When to Play for the Drop - Dick Morris

Speaker Handouts from Seaside 2011

For your convenience we have attached copies of notes from our speakers at the Sept/Oct 2011 Regional held in Seaside, OR.

Lebensohl over NT – Eugene Chan

How to Handle Pesky Opponents – Lee Brackhahn

Doubles: Let me Count the Ways – Bob Peery
Double - - Redouble

Tournament Jargon – Mary Alice Seville

What are the Odds? – Dick Morris

Green card blues – Sue Kroning

2011 Oregon Trail Regional

For 299'er event results

For your convenience we have attached copies of notes from our speakers at the February 2011 Oregon Trail Regional held in Vancouver, WA.
(MS Word docs)

Dealing With Two Suit Interference
Dan Voorhies

Match Point Strategy
McKenzie Myers

New Hamilton defense to NT
Dick Morris

Reclaiming Your NT Auction
Rich Garvin

Upside Down Carding
Ann Stark